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Hello and welcome to the Guardians Of Hyrule  website. Guardians Of Hyrule start about 6 years ago by a Xbox Player named Chaine Wyon (Gh Morrowind iv). I, Max Tubbs (Gh Soccer iv) now proudly run this clan. I've been with this clan for all 6 years. I have had the honor to be on the side of chaine during his leadership. I am a GH 50 In the clan as my rank (not counting clan leader). Before I was leader I ran the only successful regiment leader for all of those years. GH is an award winning clan for many of its game play. GH also was once the 2nd best clan in halo! This clan used to focus on MLG style but is now military based. Although I am trying to open a MLG and Swat group. Join us today by making an account and filling out our application thanks and enjoy.

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